How to Accomplish More with Less using AI in the Contact Center

Can AI in the contact center make a difference?

Contact center managers and business leaders are facing endless challenges in today’s world. They need to adapt rapidly to evolving customer expectations, adhering to the demand for more personalized, efficient, and intuitive experiences, all while handling the challenges caused by increasing levels of competition, and evolving technology.

However, economic uncertainty and diminishing budgets means many companies have limited resources to invest in their success. Every company, from small startups, to major enterprises, needs to figure out how to do more, with less.

Fortunately, for cash-strapped companies, AI could hold the answer. Innovative new technologies, powered by advanced algorithms and large language models can help organizations optimize workflows, boost team efficiency, and even deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Best Ways to Do More with Less, Using AI

In the last couple of years, the arrival of new AI solutions has had a resounding impact on many companies. Not only is it helping to streamline customer service, and automate repetitive tasks, but the right AI tools but the right AI tools can actually save your company money.

Research from Zendesk found that 68% of employee experience professionals believe AI solutions and bots will drive massive savings for companies in the next few years.

Here’s how you can accomplish more with less, by using AI in your contact center.

Use AI to Deliver Better Customer Experience with Fewer Agents

As we mentioned above, customer expectations are evolving. Today’s consumers want access to be able to access streamlined, efficient, and personalized service on a range of channels, and they want it faster than ever. In fact, 90% of customers say getting an immediate response is crucial.

Unfortunately, depending on the size of your business, being able to respond instantly to customers, at any time on any channel, would usually require a significant number of agents. AI can help you deliver instant service, without the additional staff.

With tools like the Cempresso AI Studio companies can build bots that can automatically handle common customer queries, 24/7. You can design bots that use generative AI to rapidly and creatively respond to questions, and even personalize interactions with insights from your CRM software.

Companies can even use AI Studio to design tools that speed up the customer triaging and routing process. Bots can rapidly identify the intent and sentiment behind a request, and match a customer with the right agent in a matter of seconds.

All of this not only means customers can access support faster, it also takes some of the pressure off your agents, allowing them to concentrate their time on handling more complex queries that require human input and empathy.

Create AI Flows that Streamline Data Analysis

Analyzing data in the contact center is crucial to ensuring you can meet customer expectations, and deliver consistently great experiences. The right data can offer you a deeper insight into your target audience, their pain points, goals, and even the journeys they take with your company.

Unfortunately, analyzing, organizing, and drawing insights from large volumes of data can be time-consuming and complex. It can take hours for a business leader or analyst to uncover useful information from endless metrics, call recordings and transcripts.

AI allows companies to rapidly draw meaningful insights from their data, even without access to the world’s top data scientists. For instance, with Cempresso AI Studio, companies can build tools that automatically process data, sort it into relevant categories, and surface valuable trends.

AI tools can discover patterns that might not be obvious humans, identify risks and opportunities, and even improve the quality of your data for both reporting and compliance purposes.

Plus, with a tool like Cempresso AI Studio, you can easily connect numerous data points and resources to the same analytical system, ensuring you get a more holistic view of your business.

Leverage AI to Improve Employee Efficiency

AI has long proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing employee efficiency and productivity. Now, thanks to the rise of generative AI and large language models, the right tools can further optimize and enhance your team.

First, the right AI tools can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as manually entering data into a CRM, or creating reports. It can also streamline the tasks employees need to do every day. For instance, an AI assistant created with Cempresso AI Studio can automatically identify keywords in a conversation, and surface relevant documents, so agents can spend less time searching.

Already, around 91% of customer support reps who use AI regularly say chatbots and assistants help them respond more efficiently to customer service requests.

You can even use AI to complete certain tasks on auto-pilot. For instance, AI solutions can monitor conversations in real-time and alert business leaders when they detect issues with security, compliance, or call quality. AI systems can even use historical data to surface predictions, helping you to forecast demand levels, and schedule employee workflows more effectively.

Use AI to Train More Effective Agents

While AI does help companies to reduce the number of repetitive tasks agents and employees need to manage each day, they don’t eliminate the need for human workers. AI tools are there to augment, not replace your staff members. There will always be a need for human beings to deliver creative and empathetic customer service, and design more innovative products and services.

However, to achieve the best outcomes, in the shortest time possible, employees need the right training, coaching, and support. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to find the time to consistently develop and train their employees.

AI can once again bridge the gap here. Companies can use tools like Cempresso AI studio design bots that can offer real-time coaching and guidance to staff. These bots can steer employees towards the next best action in an interaction, based on historical data, sentiment analysis and more.

AI tools can identify potential weaknesses in team members, and offer suggestions to business leaders on where training and development is necessary. You can even use AI tools to automate the employee on-boarding process, and deliver online workshops. Generative AI tools can even create content for your courses, based on your input and goals.

Implement AI to Accelerate Product and Service Development

Finally, to stay competitive in today’s world, businesses in every industry need to constantly innovate. You need to ensure you’re regularly updating your products and services based on the feedback you get from your customers, and changing market dynamics.

Unfortunately, enhancing products and solutions can be time-consuming, requiring extensive analysis, testing, and evaluation. AI tools, however, can simplify this process. They can sift through feedback gathered from countless customers in seconds, offering insights into which features need to be improved on an existing product.

AI solutions can also analyze market trends, competitor products and more, to detect potential gaps in the market your business might be perfectly positioned to fill. On top of that, AI solutions can actually help you design your products, generating development road-maps, go-to-market strategies, and even step-by-step instructions for your team members.

You could even use generative AI bots to create FAQs, product demo videos, and presentations for your sales and marketing teams. The right AI technology can transform the complex and expensive process of innovation in your company into something that’s more efficient, and more likely to deliver a fast return on investment.

Using AI to Do More with Less in the Contact Center

AI won’t eliminate the need to hire various crucial professionals for your contact center. You’ll still need experts capable of empathetically handling customer queries, pitching products to new customers, based on their distinct goals, and troubleshooting complex issues.

However, the right AI tools can allow you to accomplish more with less in your organization. It can reduce the number of repetitive tasks your employees need to do each day, empower your team to offer 24/7 immediate service, and transform the data analysis process.

The best news? Unlocking all of the benefits that AI can bring to your contact center isn’t as complex or expensive as it seems. With Bulb Technologies’ Cempresso AI Studio, you don’t need to invest in expert developers to infuse AI into your systems.

Instead, you can access a comprehensive drag-and-drop solution, that allows you to design AI flows and chains for any use case or requirement. What’s more, the endlessly scalable and flexible system can adapt with your business, and connect to all of your existing tools and resources.

If you’re struggling to accomplish more with less in your contact center, Cempresso’s AI Studio could give you the intelligent boost you need. Contact our team today to learn more about the revolutionary solution we’re building, to simplify and improve access to next-level AI.

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