Cempresso Customer Care is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management. It provides automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility, as well as unique automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channel interfaces.

Single solution across all services and infrastructure domains:

  • Fixed: xDSL, FTTx, DOCSIS, WiFi, etc.
  • Mobile: 3G, 4G, LTE, etc.
  • Services: Internet, Voice, IPTV, OTT Apps, etc.

Single solution across multiple channels:

  • Customer support agent dashboard with step-by-step guidance
  • Subscriber self-service web and mobile applications
  • Chatbot applications
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) call center applications


Cempresso Active Care is a proactive management platform that enables streamlining of complex and long running processes. It provides proactive remedy and fixes of issues that affect customers, as well as fulfillment of complex customer experience related processes.

  • Increase in overall customer experience level
  • Increase number of proactively solved issues
  • Streamlining of complex fault repair processes
  • Streamlining of order and fulfillment processes
  • Increase of upsell / cross-sell revenues
  • Reduction in overall customer churn


Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence collects, processes and analyses relevant data to generate actionable insights and trigger proactive actions to improve overall customer experience level. It is a scalable big data solution that constantly processes data from customer devices, network elements, service delivery platforms and OSS/BSS systems to generate insights for driving of technical operations, customer care and marketing actions.

Cempresso AI covers broad range of services and technologies:

  • Access network/line quality: xDSL, DOCSIS, FTTx, Mobile
  • Home network quality: CPEs, CMs, STBs, WiFi
  • Service quality: Internet, Voice, IPTV

Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence proactively anticipate service quality drops and impairments, so it can automatically trigger automatic process flows for problem solving or optimizing the network. Cempresso AI can also enable telco operators to personalize service offerings at an individual level and deliver more contextually relevant promotions to customers. With Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence telco operators can enhance the end-to-end customer experience, improve loyalty and generate new revenues.


DACS is a centralized CPE device provisioning platform. As a core network service, DACS manages the allocation of IP addresses and configuration of CPE devices.

DACS is based on a telecom grade DHCP management server that supports all relevant standards and technologies – DOCSIS, PacketCable and PCMM/COPS. It supports provisioning of various CPE types – IAD, cable modems, MTA, STB, VoIP phone, deployed in all types of access infrastructure – DOCSIS, xDSL, FTTx.

Based on a unique data model, DACS supports multiple service classes and dynamically generates device configuration files for the activation of converged broadband services. It eliminates the need for manual generation of service specific configuration files.

With millions of devices under management, DACS meets the highest standards of reliability and scalability. It can easily replace any existing legacy DHCP/DOCSIS solution.

  • IP Address Assignment
  • IPv4/IPv6 Config File Creation and Delivery / TFTP
  • DOCSIS Management


NEPS (Network Element Provisioning System) allows telecom operators to manage and automate service delivery processes. It enables operators to manage DSLAM and OLT network nodes in the multivendor network environment.

In order to address specific network and service related requirements, NEPS flexible data model can adopt the most complex line and service profile provisioning matrix. Based on its integrated multiservice, multiprotocol and multivendor provisioning complexity, NEPS provides a unified provisioning interface for other BSS/OSS systems.

NEPS can be connected to any interface based on various industry protocols – TL1, Corba, SNMP and WS. It is integrated with DSLAM platforms by leading vendors, e.g. Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, Adtran, Keymile and Iskratel.


Having trouble with launching your OTT or IPTV offering? Customer experience is poor due to slow non reactive applications?

Bulb Technologies Ltd are already helping service providers to solve this problem, contact us today to find out more.

Slick, fast & lightweight client applications supporting multiple screens and devices.

Keep the look and feel consistent across:

  • Touch UI
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows mobile
  • WEB UI

Now available:

  • OTT application for Android TV box, using remote controller


Bulb’s experienced professional services team guarantees successful delivery of integration projects in the most complex multivendor telecom network environments.

CEM / Service Assurance and Analytics

Implementation of CEMPRESSO, the central platform

  • Integration with all infrastructure elements involved in service delivery – CPE, access node, HLR, AAA, CRM, etc.
  • Definition and creation of guided workflows to automate the troubleshooting business logic
  • Customization of user interface for various channels: customer support agents, subscriber self-service, field technicians
  • Implementation of proactive analytics modules to detect and solve problems before end users experience them

Device Management and Provisioning

With over thirty ACS systems integrated worldwide, our team has deep expertise in set-up and integration of device management platforms.

  • All types of customer premise equipment – RGWs/IADs, cable modems, MTAs, STBs, etc.
  • Diverse management protocols – ranging from TR-069 to CLI (i.e. SSH, Telnet)
  • DOCSIS legacy provisioning flows

Zero-touch CPE provisioning

  • Whenever possible we strive for the highest possible level of CPE provisioning automation.

Network Element Provisioning

Provisioning of access network nodes (e.g. DSLAM) in a multivendor environment can be extremely complex, especially in case of delivering to subscriber ports an extensive matrix of converged services.

Our team has performed numerous projects, automating provisioning of various xDSL/FTTx access network node types over different communication protocols – TL1, Corba, SNMP and WS.