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Best platform for divergent cases

CEMPRESSO Customer Care is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management.

The best way to impress a customer is to make sure they never have to call you to complain

Cempresso Active Care can make this happen.
With connections to all network elements, CPE and various legacy systems, Cempresso enables streamlining of complex and long-running processes by BPM workflow.


Make the value of data and advance into proactive world

Cempresso AI was designed to collect, process and analyse relevant data to generate actionable insights and trigger proactive actions to enhance overall customer experience level.



DHCP/DOCSIS Auto Configuration System

DACS is a centralized CPE device provisioning platform. As a core network service, DACS manages the allocation of IP addresses and configuration of CPE devices.

DACS is based on a telecom grade DHCP management server that supports all relevant standards and technologies – DOCSIS, PacketCable and PCMM/COPS. It supports provisioning of various CPE types – IAD, cable modems, MTA, STB, VoIP phone, deployed in all types of access infrastructure – DOCSIS, xDSL, FTTx.

Based on a unique data model, DACS supports multiple service classes and dynamically generates device configuration files for the activation of converged broadband services. It eliminates the need for manual generation of service-specific configuration files.

With millions of devices under management, DACS meets the highest standards of reliability and scalability. It can easily replace any existing legacy DHCP/DOCSIS solution.

  • IP Address Assignment
  • IPv4/IPv6 Config File Creation and Delivery / TFTP
  • DOCSIS Management