Digital On-Boarding and Order Management


Deliver flawless on-boarding service to grow customer satisfaction and reduce churn.


Replace manual, error-prone on-boarding activities with automated processes

Many organizations still rely on outdated and complex customer on-boarding processes that are manual, error-prone, time-consuming, and slow to adapt to ever-changing requirements.

This, at the very least, leads to countless operational management worries. Instead of using outdated onboarding, choose the customer-centric approach to on-boarding that spans information capture, identification, verification, and fulfillment.

Bulb solution enables businesses to automate customer or employee onboarding journeys and improve satisfaction through various channels (web, mobile app, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.).


Which benefits will it bring?

Decrease siloed experience within business

Organize hundreds of onboarding tasks that involve various departments and systems with minimum risk of a human error.

Enable clear insight into customer journey phases and increase the speed of adaptation

Clear insight into the status of onboarding events and customer journey phases will enable the enterprise to react faster when needed and adjust the process easily.

Transform business by adopting digital onboarding

Improve onboarding efficiency and respond to customers faster, making the whole process seamless and efficient.

Improve customer/business relationship and increase customer loyalty

Transparent collaboration between departments and with customers during onboarding increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Deliver seamless customer experience at each touchpoint during the whole customer journey

Cempresso solution enables enterprises to:

  • Automate processes using the Cempresso platform to start workflows, automate approvals, and deliver services
  • Achieve a complete view of customers by connecting touchpoints and streamlining processes across business areas, systems, and activities
  • Manage various onboarding cases by integrating legacy systems and diverse data sources into one complete customer view
  • Assure costs decrease and more flexibility when adapting to onboarding requirements by automating key processes and eliminating non-value-add steps
  • Build experiences that support customers and employees throughout their journeys, from onboarding to offboarding
  • Deliver relevant campaign content to provide information, photos, videos, tutorials, guidelines, and links
  • etc.


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