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Automated Customer Service


Connect customer service with all relevant departments to assure fast issue resolution and premium customer experience each time

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Work as a team and automate processes across departments to resolve issues faster

Redefine first line support and empower agents with automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility, a unique automatic remedy, and guided support concept via various channel interfaces to increase customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly collaborate and update about problem-solving process stages and status over the preferred customer channel (email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.).

Rather than drowning agents in multiple applications needed to complete a single call, choose a robust tool including all relevant data and AI-assisted recommendations to resolve issues fast.

Rearrange multiple stages of customer request solving process with Cempresso Automated Customer Service

Cempresso Automated Customer Service is a system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support requests designed to:

• Streamline and consolidate customer requests from multiple channels (mail, web, chat) in one place and easily track them by converting them into Cases/Tickets
• Automate repetitive tasks and procedures in customer service, and orchestrate support teams to resolve issues faster
• Track and solve problems faster through task console with guided flows and 360 visibility


Key features

Full process automation

Connect customer service with all relevant departments to solve customer requests fast using BPMN based automation layer. Engage customers through self-care applications on various channels and deflect repetitive tasks from live agents.

SLA Management

Set deadlines for response to a request and resolution based on different business hours or categories.

Improve agent efficiency

Work on multiple issues with an optimized, intuitive layout without losing time on issue detection, analysis and remedy action suggestion. The tool will perform all the needed steps and deliver the correct information to an agent.

Support across multiple channels

Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels (Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, mail, web, SMS, etc.) on a single platform. Deliver instant and precise answers to your customer’s questions for faster resolutions.

Custom Request Status

Create custom statuses that suit your workflow to identify what stage a ticket is in. Furthermore, provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.

Measure and improve efficiency

Identify problems, plan based on metrics and improve helpdesk performance.


Engage the customer and empower them with state-of-the-art self-care applications

We know customers do not want to call and wait in line for an agent to pick up. They want their issues to be solved quickly and the service to be up and running in no time. That is why we designed a self-care to fit their needs.

Instead of losing time in queues, our Automated Customer Service empowers customers to solve the most common issues through virtual agents and knowledge bases on various channels.

Leverage existing IT infrastructure components

Our Automated Customer Service is seamlessly integrated with existing IT components without the need for a massive replacement.

Integration Framework:

  • supports various API protocols
  • simple and seamless driver invocation/call from the workflow design mode
  • driver pooling and throttling concept for efficiency and resource management
  • brings together all the machine-to-machine interactions
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