Automated Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

A new-concept software platform

Empower customer support agents, technical teams, and end-customers during critical stages of the customer journey.

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A smart solution that will make your Customer support agents as efficient as superheroes

Cempresso Customer Care is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management.

Firstly, Cempresso Customer Care enables fully automated root cause analysis and diagnostics through various channels by automated data collection from all necessary legacy systems and visualization of all relevant data to the agent with exact remedy action which has to be carried out to solve customer’s issue.

In other words, Cempresso Customer Care uses all relevant internal or external data sources, drives required measurements, identifies discrepancies in configurations, and prepares visualization for the agent or the customer via various channels (mobile apps, chatbot, web, IVR, etc.).

As a result, agents are driven through a unified workflow-driven troubleshoot process regardless of agent competences and knowledge, troubleshoot process is faster and consistent, automation of a rather complex process reduces operational costs and shortens agent onboarding.

Our clients reach to us when they need a solution for:

  • Front-line cost reduction initiatives

  • Replacement for existing tools being used for diagnostics and fault resolution

  • New self-care channels introduction (web, mobile apps, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.)

  • Remote customer support tools

  • Root cause analysis tools implementation

  • Automated background investigation and root-cause analysis

  • Cross-functional workflow driven platform

  • Sessions analytics console

  • Optimized fault detection and troubleshooting process

  • Technical support troubleshoot tool with driven remedy flows

Powerful platform for complex processes

Behind a simple to comprehend and easy to interpret tool lays a powerful carrier-grade based and scalable platform, with multitenant architecture and integrated with all elements involved in the service delivery chain.

A unique domain approach enables the use of Cempresso as a unique and comprehensive end-to-end service assurance platform for all types of telecom services and infrastructure elements (fixed, mobile, etc.).
Additionally, Cempresso supports various standard protocols (WS, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, TL1, Corba, etc.), as well as drivers for connections to various vendor’s infrastructure platforms (e.g. CRM, Ticketing, ACS, NEMs, etc.).

Cempresso’s workflow-driven guided support flows empower subscribers and offload customer support center while at the same time do not require significant technical knowledge to design and manage workflows. Everything on Cempresso is managed through workflows in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop process design interface, making process deployment fast.

Bring the troubleshoot process to your customer

Introducing a self-care version of Cempresso to the customer brings benefits for both sides.

Providers will be able to control call inflow to Customer service simply by opening new digital touchpoints (chat, Viber, Facebook, SMS, etc.).
On the other hand, having in mind that customers don’t want to wait in a queue to reach an agent, empowering them through self-service, and engaging them to solve simple issues, will make Customer service call a last resort choice.

Potential use cases:

  • Interaction with customers as a part of customer support flows (problem reports, automated diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remedy flows)
  • Interaction with the customer as a part of service fulfillment flows (e.g. service self-activation)
  • Information inquiries about products and services
  • Contextual and personalized upselling offers and promotional campaigns
  • Automated chatbot surveys and polls
  • Remote customer service
  • Etc.

Implementation benefits:

  • Shorter and more efficient agent onboarding

  • Improved agent efficiency

  • Increased first call resolution

  • Unified troubleshoot process regardless of agent seniority, competences and knowledge

  • Improved service and productivity

  • Automated interpretation of system data and guided remedy action suggestion

  • Increased customer experience score

  • Lower operational cost

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