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A solution designed for Telecoms made to deliver superb customer experience through network optimization and proactive healing actions

We developed Cempresso Proactive Network Management based on experiences and difficulties some of our long-term customers were facing. They often need solutions for rather complicated, hard-to-identify, and resolve issues. And we offered to accompany them with our solutions.

Let`s not forget: customers want more by a minute. That is why they are not content with only reacting to their contact/complaint when they already experience difficulties with the service. To be honest, they expect services they are paying for to work all the time, without any issues whatsoever.

Proactive network management is a solution that assures timely response to various network difficulties through network monitoring and data collection, analysis, and execution of healing actions and corrections. As a result, Service providers maintain an optimized network and satisfied customers.

Proactive network management depends on a continuous and rigorous inspection of the network to look for the causes of failure before that failure occurs. The important thing is not to treat network failures as a routine or normal situation but rather to switch to detecting imminent failure conditions followed by remediation before problems become evident to customers.

Bulb`s Proactive Network Management enables businesses to detect an issue, find the exact root cause, define remedy action, and solve issues as soon as possible.

With Cempresso, it becomes easier to tackle challenges such as:

  • Network issues root cause analysis and identification

  • Anomaly detection and healing actions execution

  • Proactive service impairments identification - pre-equalization analysis

  • Spectrum change in DS/US channel check and analysis

  • Monitor transmission impairments like micro-reflections and group delays

  • Network optimization and utilization

  • Improve broadband customer experience

  • CPE equipment management

  • Source identification and location of distortions in the field

  • Identify trends and repair network impairments

  • Use customer’s CMTS and cable modems capabilities to get insight in DS/US frequency response

  • Detect common point of failure for multiple customers

Optimize your network and Quality of Experience with intelligent solutions

In network management and optimization use cases, we collect data from various network elements, CPEs, and legacy systems regardless of the technology provided (DSL, cable, fiber, mobile, etc.). Therefore, we pinpoint deviations and patterns at which they occur.

With your data sets and our powerful tools, breaking down root causes and setting remedy actions becomes a piece of cake.

In addition, thanks to years of business experience and technical competencies in telecoms, we provide scalable solutions and services that are hard to find, but they deliver end-to-end solutions.

Proactive Network Management is a solution suitable for both small service operators and the largest telecoms.

Whether your business needs service performance dashboard, network anomalies detection, pre-equalization analysis, Quality of Service score per customer, or proactive remedy actions, Bulb`s Proactive Network Management is a solution for you.

Target desired KPI by choosing use cases with meaningful impact

Network impacts many KPIs:

  • network performance,
  • technicians dispatch,
  • repeated calls to call centre or repeated faults on the field,
  • complaints,
  • customer experience (NPS or TRI*M),
  • various cost expences from CPE to OPEX needed to solve issues.

Cempresso has dealt with many use cases used to target various KPIs.

One of our use cases is the detection of interference in a cable network. This use case targets less dispatch to service technicians KPI. Instead, these issues trigger network technicians dispatch.

By solving the access part of the network, we improve customer experience – without the customer noticing that he has issues.

Proactive Network Management benefits:

  • Decreased number of calls into Customer Service

  • Reduced number of repeating truck rolls

  • Fast detection and repair of network issues before they impact the customer

  • Decrease maintenance costs and prevent future outages

  • Reliable home vs. plant problem triage

  • Increase customer experience and loyalty

  • Improved performance and quality of technician visits

  • Increased network performance

  • Customer retention with truly proactive maintenance practices

  • Decreased callbacks with on-the-spot repair/installation validation


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