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In an era dominated by digital dynamics, customer service excellence hinges on a digital-first strategy, fortified customer service capabilities, and the prowess of your agents. Amidst the whirlwind of market changes, one constant holds true: your customers crave interactions that are simple, seamless, and hassle-free.

Yet, companies grapple with a staggering challenge – the shockingly high turnover rates of agents – the average turnover in the call center industry is between 30% and 45%. The consensus is clear: to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, it’s imperative to prioritize the ’employee experience’ first and extinguishing frustrations and fostering a thriving workforce..

Ultimately, the fate of your brand rests on the shoulders of the customer experience, services, and support you deliver. The choices your customers make, the allegiance they pledge – it all hinges on the quality of your engagement against the backdrop of relentless market shifts.

The solution is Digital Customer service

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Forge Seamless Connections, Empower Both Customers and Agents with Tools, Information, and Channel Choices for Unparalleled Service!


Welcome to Cempresso DCS, your gateway to a cutting-edge cloud-based customer service solution! We seamlessly blend financial operations with a commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Cempresso goes beyond expectations, offering unified services across diverse digital platforms like social media, messaging apps, chat, email, web portals, IVR, and mobile apps. Dive into a wealth of resources, from FAQs to rich media articles, or explore intelligent digital wizards acting as live agents to empower customers at their own pace, ultimately slashing resolution times for your team.

Discover the future of customer service with Cempresso’s Digital Customer Service—a cost-effective, streamlined solution. Embrace asynchronous communication, guided processes, and process orchestration to empower your agents and reduce turnover. Elevate your customer service game and make every interaction remarkable!

Digital Customer Service Concept & Functional Scope

Cempresso Platform Key Characteristics:


Cempresso’ s ecosystem takes a unique approach to building AI-powered self-service workflows that can guide customers to the right solution to their issues, even when those issues are complex, replacing the live agent while providing an agent-like experience.

Asynchronous communication

Asynchronous communication is a hidden gem in the CX toolbox that enables sequential, more convenient communication that relieves both employees and customers. Incorporating asynchronous communication into your CS strategy leads to more productivity and better CSAT results.

Agent guidance

Happy agents make for happy customers!!!  Cempresso makes both by consolidating knowledge in one tool, freeing agents from unnecessary stress, empowering agents to work smarter thanks to intelligent workflows, and supporting agents with an extensive knowledge base whenever they need it.


By leveraging hyper-automation, Cempresso automates what can be automated to deliver seamless self-service and agent-assisted experiences. Hyper-automation impacts all types of workflows by enabling organizations to respond smarter and faster to a range of common problems.

Cempresso DCS Implementation Benefits:

Better customer experience

  • No queuing

  • Asynchronous communication

  • Self-service engagement

  • Better customer loyalty

Satisfied live agents

  • Keep live agents in the loop

  • Simplify agent onboarding process and required agent skills

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Less call volumes and stress on agent

Higher efficiency

  • More efficient agents because of guidance and automation

  • Easier knowledge distribution

  • Faster on-boarding due to guidance and automation

Fast deployment

  • Flexible implementation in public cloud, private cloud or on-prem

  • Decrease level of skill requirements by implementing low code solution

  • Software that can be expanded in the future (if new features will be needed) – no locking of feature list

Functional Feature List

AI powered self-service channels:

  • Omni-channel communication management:
    • Using centralized AI & workflow-based communication manager that enables simultaneous awareness of interactions with a customer on all channels
    • Seamless handover between channels (e.g., from Viber to Web) with context propagation (there is no need to repeat already submitted information)
    • Supported channels (web; chatbot (SMS, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.); e-mail; voice/IVR)
  • Multiple content types: Digital virtual agents/Digital step-by-step wizards. FAQ and rich media information
  • Digital Virtual Agents:
    • AI & Workflow powered self-service flows and automation wizards
    • Automatic escalations to live agent when the virtual agent is not capable of fully resolving the customer’s request
    • Integration with external (back-end) IT systems for automated flows

Web-based Agent Console:

  • Ticketing and Case management:
    • Tasks orchestration (internal and external resources) and queueing
    • Automatic task assignments (e.g., per skill, per availability, etc.) and reassignments
    • Triggering of ad-hoc actions/tasks
    • Workflow-based process management (BPMN 2.0)
    • Integration with external (back-end) IT systems for automated process steps and with 3rd party systems for various functional features (e.g., digital signature, OCR, etc.)
  • Agent guidance:
    • Agents use a simple customizable user interface
    • 360°view of the task
    • Guiding agents on each step of the process

Enhanced asynchronous communication:

  • Sequential communication with maintained context to avoid repetition
  • Seamless information exchange between the customer, digital agent, and agents
  • The communication channel is available 24/7 even if the message needs to be handled by an agent (request collection or answering to agents’ questions)
  • For the same case (customer request) customer can use all digital channels interchangeably and the agent will still have complete context
  • Escalation tools and task redirection to ensure targeted response times (SLA) are met


  • Automation features integrated into the workflow engine (BPMN 2.0 workflow engine)
  • Integration with external AI and ML systems for self-learning automation algorithms
  • Sharing the same information between different steps of the workflow and involved parties (customers, agents, digital agents, external system)
  • Machine-to-machine interactions for automation and orchestration of external systems
  • Simple management through the web-based admin (data drivers, business logic, script tasks, etc.)

Analytics and Reporting:

  • Process metrics:
    • Duration chart
    • Frequency chart
    • Process duration chart
    • Process count
  • Supports filtering on different attributes and parameters
  • Business reports

Simple low-code platform management:

  • All platform functional elements and features are managed through a single web-based administration console
  • No business logic implemented in the application source code
  • Integration framework
    • Driver (data source) management for multiple API protocols and endpoints
    • Runtime hot-swap driver replacement with no system downtime
    • Simple and seamless driver usage from the workflows
  • Customer web portal content management

Insights and resources


Cempresso platform

Cempresso Platform is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management. One of its key features is that agents get the full context and AI-driven suggestions to solve problems quickly and easily with a single tool.

The Cempresso platform covers the entire interaction lifecycle (from contact center to issue resolution) and enables cross-functional process improvement and automation, digitalization, multichannel adoption, process optimization, and orchestration.

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5 Common Customer Service Agent Frustrations

If you want to deliver an exceptional customer experience, you need to address the “employee experience” and eliminate agent frustrations first. Ultimately, the customer experience, services, and support you provide your customers will determine whether they choose you over your competitors and how loyal they are to your brand.

Our Telco portfolio offers a new approach to automated end-to-end diagnostics, guided troubleshooting and analytics.

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The Rising Demand for Asynchronous messaging

For years, we’ve assumed that the key to better customer service is ensuring that someone is always available to speak with a customer in real-time.
However, as customer service demands continue to increase and expectations evolve, relying on real-time communication alone leads to long wait times and poor customer satisfaction.
In recent years, during the challenges of the pandemic, customer service representatives have been under more pressure than ever to answer calls quickly, resolve issues quickly, and keep interactions personal, while at the same time the queue of unanswered calls and messages has grown longer.
Asynchronous messaging could be the answer.

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6 Easy Steps for Simplifying Customer Service Strategy

Customer service is becoming increasingly complex. From the countless available channels consumers now must contact your company to the endless environments you use to promote your products, there are many factors to consider.

Unfortunately, in this ever-evolving landscape, it’s easy for companies to make decisions that result in customers leaving instead of retaining them. Because even though the marketplace is changing at an incredible pace, one thing remains the same: your customers want simple, straightforward, and convenient interactions with brands.

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Level Up Customer Engagement with Cempresso

In today’s business world, few things are more important than making sure your customer service strategy is up to snuff. Whether you’re in the telecom, insurance, or utility industries, your customers will make their decision on whether to work with you based on the experience you provide.

To stay ahead in a world where customers expect personalized, fast, and efficient service on every platform, companies need support. In particular, brands need tools that can optimize, improve and even automate the CX journey.
As customers become more demanding, the challenges for service teams are greater than ever.

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