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Bulb Technologies is a dynamic and fast growing software development company specialized in solutions for telecom operators.

Our state-of-the-art service assurance, customer experience management (CEM), device management and service analytics solutions go head-to-head with those of the largest global software vendors.

Open positions

We are looking for a Node.js developer with experience of working on a medium to large projects.


You will be working on a “green field” project inside a well-established company with a freedom to push a project (inside a reasonable constraints) in a direction that maybe initially is not meant to go, if that fits the fast-evolving market and your affinities. Details will be disclosed during hiring process.


Some of the skills, technologies and personality quirks needed for project you will be working on:

  • strong knowledge in Node.js and JavaScript in general
  • experience with database and in-memory systems/stores like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • experience with frameworks, preferably NestJS, but any other is relevant (ExpressJs, Fastify, custom made never finished, blazingly fast pet-project web framework with default and only development branch)
  • willingness to use and define best practices in development process and tooling such as: CI/CD, git, docker…
  • have a strong opinion on what to test, and what should not be tested
  • strong focus on research, MVP before optimizations, have a general intuition about when to use something already built or write it in a few hours/days

While the above skills are somewhat necessary for the successful completion of the project, we understand that every candidate brings a unique set of experiences and abilities. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and will not use these specific skills as discriminatory factors during the candidate selection process.


 Work will be, more or less, organized in a following way:

  • we get a set of high-level requirements from management
  • use logic and common sense as team to derive meaningful feature set
  • workload distribution and estimation in a best-effort manner
  • do your job
  • optionally learn something new
  • deliver
  • take money
  • optimize & repeat

What we offer to you:

  • flexible work environment
  • voluntary pension fund allowance
  • travel and meal allowance
  • flexible working hours with work-from-home options
  • min. 22 days of vacation
  • paid sick leave in amount of 100% of salary
  • Christmas bonus
  • Easter gift
  • childbirth bonus and Christmas gifts for kids
  • office perks
  • last but not the least, you are going to be asked for “after” work beer, but you are free to say no, say yes and drink expensive sparkling water, or we don’t care (partially copy paste from HR requirements)

How much you will be paid for this? It heavily depends on:

  • your expertise
  • your delivery
  • negotiations skills

Who we are:

Bulb Technologies is a software company focused on the digitalization of customer support and customer engagement through solutions for customer-facing departments and self-service applications. For years, we have delivered business automation software solutions to automate and improve business processes using advanced technologies.


Who you are:

A person with a passion for a technology, willing to learn and acquire new knowledge. You are a team player, cooperative, responsible, and reliable. You have good communication skills and patience which you will use skilfully in solving our customers’ technical problems.

Your main responsibilities:

  • implementation of various problem-solving processes on a low-code/no-code/drag and drop platforms
  • configure and document the product to meet customers’ needs and requirements using configuration interfaces, Java, JSON, JavaScript, and SQL Queries
  • become proficient with the product and translate customers’ requirements to capabilities of the product
  • provide regular status updates on implementation deliverables and milestones through defined processes with both customers and internal stakeholders
  • assist in problem identification and resolution efforts when operational issues with integration solutions arise
  • build strong partnerships with other teams to efficiently deliver value to our customers
  • participate in integration projects planning
  • participate in internal project team status meetings and technical onboarding team meetings to share knowledge and best practices for customer implementations
  • communication with telecoms and hardware manufacturers at technical level

Qualifications needed:


  • technical background, either degree based, or experience based (both would be excellent)
  • basic knowledge of programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, JSON
  • proficiency in English, both speaking and writing
  • problem solving skills
  • solid communication skills

A plus would be:

  • 1-2 years of experience on similar positions
  • understanding of telecom environment and troubleshooting processes at 1st and /or 2nd level of customer support

What we offer:

  • competitive salary
  • voluntary pension fund allowance
  • travel and meal allowance
  • flexible working hours with work-from-home options
  • min. 22 days of vacation
  • paid sick leave in amount of 100% of salary
  • Christmas bonus
  • Easter gift
  • childbirth bonus and Christmas gifts for kids
  • office perks
  • a supportive and encouraging environment where we focus on creating great working conditions so our employees can focus on succeeding



Competitive salary

We strongly believe in fair pay for the work done. That is why we aspire to negotiate the terms which will make both parties satisfied.

Perks and rewards

We do our best to create a culture where great performance and every extra mile is recognized and rewarded in the right and appropriate way.

Professional Growth

We offer opportunities for professional growth and development in a hard-working and dynamic, yet relaxed and supportive environment.

Flexible work time

With our flexible work time management, stop worrying about work-life balance and make the best of leisure time.

Team building

We work hard and party harder.
Whether it´s an adrenaline park, a mountain climb or just a laid back barbecue, we know how to party as a team.

Next-generation products

We have developed a suite of proprietary next-generation telecom service management products, and have delivered a series of projects to telecom operators across Europe.

Work remote

We have great offices, but we understand the need and desire to sometimes work remotely. As long as the work gets done, choose office place wherever you want to.


We prefer being up to date with all the new stuff. So we urge employees to choose a conference and we’ll send them there.


If interested in one of the positions, send us an email!

Include a CV and a few sentences outlining your experience, knowledge and skills that make you a good candidate for this position.