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Reinventing Customer Experience Management with Intelligent Automation

Revamp Your Customer Care with the Unique Suite that Covers All the Needs of Cable Service Operators

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Unlock Efficiency, Enhance Experiences, and Slash Costs Simultaneously

Cable operators face escalating demands to deliver exceptional service amid constraints in resources, time, and budget. In response to the intensifying competition fueled by emerging 5G fixed operators and ongoing economic transformations, a well-crafted strategy is imperative for sustained success.

In light of these challenges, we present a tailored product portfolio designed exclusively for cable operators. This comprehensive solution seamlessly addresses various aspects of cable operators’ daily operations, encompassing troubleshooting cable services, advanced analytics, proactive care, and cable equipment management.

This unique package for cable operators transforms complex, cumbersome workflows into smoothly functioning strategies for success. From customer-facing departments to field technical teams, our solution optimizes all business processes, ensuring a streamlined journey from initiation to completion. This innovative approach equips cable operators with a cutting-edge Customer Experience Management (CEM) tool, enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction significantly. With its distinctive concept and intuitive workflows, our solution delivers substantial benefits to both fixed and mobile operators, positioning them for success in a competitive landscape.

Choose the Suite that Covers All the Needs of Cable Operators:

Service Troubleshooting

  • Automated customer support and advanced knowledge management with intelligent, step-by-step workflows
  • Automated actions and remediation via dashboard, self-care apps, and virtual agents

Analytics and Proactive Care

  • A unique solution that provides flexible management of all enterprise tasks and use cases, with contextual user empowerment tools, multiple role options, and a full set of analytics and tracking capabilities

Cable device management

  • Tailored for end-to-end multimedia and broadband fulfillment through cable modem management
  • Supports millions of cable configurations and meets the highest standards for scalability and reliability

Typical business areas that benefit from Cable Operators Portfolio Suite are:

Cempresso Platform Implementation Benefits:

Immediate ROI:

  • Eliminate or reduce non-essential technician dispatches (truck-rolls)

  • Reduce support costs

  • Increase first call resolution rate (FCR, FLSR, etc.)

  • Reduce call times via rapid resolution

  • Reduce number of escalations to more expensive technical expert teams

  • Reduce training time for call center agents

  • Reduce number of repeated faults and complaints

Increase troubleshooting efficiency:

  • Better customer experience during service remediation process

  • Self-care capabilities increase customer satisfaction by empowering users to fix issues themselves rather than call the help desk

  • Continuous monitoring and proactive detection to resolve problems before customers experiences them

Gain recurring issues/repair history knowledge:

  • Fully automated troubleshooting process

  • Gain history knowledge about recurring issues and repair

  • Ensure knowledge transfer from 2nd and 3rd level to Call Centre Agents

Cable Service Troubleshooting

This part of the product portfolio is provided via the Cempresso platform.

Cempresso is not just a platform; it’s a revolutionary solution for automated diagnosis and troubleshooting across a spectrum of telecom services. Embracing a distinctive consulting approach, it conducts automated background investigations and root cause analyses, delivering a 360° view of services. With its unparalleled automated troubleshooting and guided support, Cempresso seamlessly interfaces across multiple channels.

Embedded within a cable service provider’s infrastructure, Cempresso unleashes the power of intricate business logic to offer comprehensive visibility and cutting-edge customer experience tools across all systems. Elevate your telecom services with the game-changing features of the Cempresso platform.

Cempresso Modules:

360° Agent console for automated troubleshooting:

  • A customer-centric web-based application that provides automated diagnosis and troubleshooting of customer-reported issues
  • Provides a guided flow-through process for diagnosing and troubleshooting telecom service issues
  • Key use cases: Interrupted service, low downstream quality, low upstream quality, group outage detection, group fault detection, Wi-Fi configuration issues, live view of cable modem throughput, and automatic ticket creation

Field Technician Applications:

  • Thanks to its role-based functionality, Cempresso can be deployed in different departments by providing users with different information.
  • For example, field technicians can use Cempresso’s diagnostic and troubleshooting solution in addition to the CSR to quickly and easily resolve customer issues.
  • Key use cases: Perform a real-time service check, track customer perception, check the status of key parameters, and perform final diagnostics before closing a ticket.

Selfcare applications:

  • Easily integrated into the service provider’s web portal, mobile portal, or app on smartphones or tablets.
  • Empowers customer self-help through a series of guided workflows that immediately resolve issues or customize their services, which is otherwise handled by CSR agents.
  • Key use cases/calls: interrupted service, low downstream quality, low upstream quality, group outage detection, group fault detection, Wi-Fi configuration issues, and cable modem throughput.

Selfcare Chatbot:

  • Enables the creation of personalized conversational experiences within the messaging application of your choice.
  • Available on all channels (e.g. SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger, or in the existing customer web portal, etc.).
  • Key use cases: service interruption, low downstream quality, low upstream quality, group outage detection, group fault detection, Wi-Fi configuration issues, cable modem throughput –
    Live view and automatic ticket creation

Video call support (web/mobile):

  • Allows customer service agents to see the customer’s problem in real-time and visually walk them through the solution without having to install or download an app.
  • Agents no longer have to rely on the customer to describe the problem.

Session analytics:

  • Provides comprehensive insights into support process indicators (e.g., out-of-the-box indicators for average handle time (AHT), first call resolution (FCR), number of sessions per channel, and number of specific issues).
  • Standard reports: session analytics, agent performance analytics, customer interaction analysis, top call drivers/issues, and real-time analytics/view.
  • Advanced analytics and ML algorithms on session data additionally provide: trend analysis and anomaly detection

Analytics and proactive care

Elevating the customer experience, Bulb’s cutting-edge analytics system is a proactive force, foreseeing trends and anticipating challenges to mitigate impacts on customers.

Revolutionizing the cable operator landscape, our system seamlessly gathers and processes data from customer devices, service delivery platforms, and network elements, predicting maintenance needs before customers are even aware. This not only ensures swift issue resolution but also introduces unprecedented cost savings through hyper-automation.

Operating on a grand scale, our analytics system assimilates extensive network data, deploying built-in KPI and KQI calculations. This empowers cable operators with proactive alerts and triggers for automation, ensuring rapid issue resolution.

In essence, our analytics and proactive maintenance solution expedites root cause analysis, offers intelligent recommendations, and presents ready-made templates for troubleshooting common issues, propelling cable operators into a realm of unmatched efficiency.

Major monitored KPIs:


  • US/DS Errors (CER, CCR)

  • Min/Max/Avg RX/TX power

  • Cable modem flap lists

  • Cable modem registration status events

  • CM Firmware version

  • Microreflections, PreEq strings

  • Power tilt across RF spectrum

  • Octets, delays, drops per service group

  • US/DS channel utilization

Proactive care use cases:

  • M2M automated proactive channel management

  • Pin-pointed truck rolls dispatch

  • Network KPI trend analysis

  • GSM/LTE interference detection

  • Faulty CPE detection

  • Detect CM registration issues


Cable device management

Revolutionizing multimedia and broadband fulfillment, DACS stands as a bespoke solution, seamlessly managing cable modem operations from end to end. Already championing millions of cable configurations, DACS sets the gold standard for scalability and reliability.

Unlocking a world of possibilities, the DACS solution empowers cable operators to effortlessly and economically replace outdated DHCP/DOCSIS systems, providing access to flexible configurations and seamless integration options.

At the forefront of innovation, the DACS platform, renowned for its scalability and distribution, emerges as a dynamic force in managing diverse CPE/CM devices deployed by cable operators.

Discover a multitude of advantages with our DHCP/DOCSIS AUTO CONFIGURATION SYSTEM (DACS) solution: holistic visibility, an optimized portal, automated configuration, reduced time-to-market, lowered operational costs, and heightened operational efficiency, ensuring cable operators thrive in the ever-evolving landscape.


Advanced IP address management:

  • IP address management is available for all types of cable modems as well as PCs, routers, STB devices, MTAs, and more. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported, and you can choose from a number of IP range management groups. Enterprises can set their own address assignment rules and experiment with IPAM configuration through a management interface.

Subscriber centric CPE management:

  • DACS provides multiple zero-touch CPE activation options and authorization modes. There is support for tracking connections between CPE devices at a site, advanced configuration templates, and automatic generation of configuration files for various cable devices.

Monitoring and troubleshooting:

  • Manage all your IP leasing history in a central database for better monitoring. We also provide built-in SNMP agent support for easy integration with NMS tools and packet-level analysis of DHCP traffic, both real-time and historical.

Comprehensive data model:

  • Our high-performance database stores all relevant data securely and according to requirements. IP address reliability data is available for regulatory and reporting purposes. For absolute compliance, there is a device inventory database that automatically collects device information.

Insights and resources


Automating Customer Care Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

The Cempresso Customer Care software platform automates customer support and enhances knowledge management in the evolving business landscape.

Through AI-driven suggestions and the management of simple, repetitive tasks, the Cempresso suite simplifies the way companies deliver unforgettable experiences to clients.

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Telco Troubleshooting Automation

Over the past 15 years, Bulb Technologies has earned a reputation as a leader in broadband service management.
The company has helped communications service providers - fixed, cable, and mobile - deliver a superior customer experience while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Our Telco portfolio offers a new approach to automated end-to-end diagnostics, guided troubleshooting and analytics.

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