Bulb Technologies starts a new journey with IPKO

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration.

In the following months, we will work on the implementation of our flagship product Cempresso Customer Care Automation in IPKO Telecommunication LLC.

Being a recognized company with the best customer service, IPKO is committed to offer its customers top services in the field of communication. Therefore, it continues to invest in searching advanced solutions for fast and efficient response to their customers’ requests.

During conversations with our partners in IPKO, we discovered that they have been searching for a solution that will enable faster, more accurate issue detection and resolution – preferably on first-line support.

Having many similar projects already behind us, we knew precisely how to support IPKO in this transition and which product would suit them the best.

Our choice was Cempresso Customer Care Automation, a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management, that enables agents to get the full context to resolve issues fast and easy while using a single tool.

Furthermore, the Cempresso concept includes an automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility of both customers and network, as well as a unique automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channel interfaces.

This project is very encouraging for us because not only does it strengthen Bulbs’ presence in the region, but it also allows us to collaborate with one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies in Europe. We are proud that IPKO has chosen us as partners in forthcoming transformation, and we will do our best to assure that IPKO remains the leading premium Telco operator in Kosovo, said Neven Stipcevic, Bulbs’ CTO.

As our journey begins, we are looking forward to collaboration with our partners in IPKO toward mutual goals – the premium customer experience and exceptional customer support.

More about IPKO

Established in 1999, IPKO has grown from being the first Kosovo-wide Internet provider to becoming a modern enterprise offering a full range of integrated services as well as content in mobile communications, fixed telephony, digital cable TV, and Internet services. Today, IPKO is the first and the most dominant mobile operator which offers fast-speed mobile internet – 3G and 4G networks in Kosovo.

IPKO continues to be the leading internet provider both in terms of the number of customers and network reach. The company is also the leader in digital cable TV services having the most qualitative content and the highest number of customers.

About Bulb Technologies

Bulb supported digital transformations in large companies for more than 14 years. For years we have been developing software designed to automate operations departments and transform old ways of work (manual, error-prone, slow, etc.) into new modern digital ones. Today, our customers include companies in Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria, and United Groups.

Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management, customer support process automation, and knowledge management. Our solutions enable all types of service providers ‒ fixed, cable, and mobile ‒ to deliver superior customer experience and significantly reduce customer support related costs. Furthermore, the Cempresso suite supports any protocol, device, or telecom network element and meet complex custom delivery requirements in the multivendor network infrastructure.

Learn more at www.bulbtech.com

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