Bulb Technologies launches CEMPRESSO Active Care, enabling CSP’s to provide a premium customer experience

Delivers 360 service visibility, irrespective of access network, for proactive issue resolution and personalisation of customer relationship

Bulb Technologies, a leader in service management and customer experience solutions today announced the launch of CEMPRESSO Active Care, a next-generation customer support platform that pro-actively resolves customer service issues across all access types and technologies before they become noticeable to the consumer. As a result of adding this significant value to customer service, telecoms operators reduce churn and earn the right to expand the customer/service provider relationship to generate new revenue.

“Managing the customer experience is hard as customer expectations grow higher. Consumers feel entitled to a great experience and if they don’t get it, walk away. With CEMPRESSO Active Care, you are always one step ahead; no longer waiting until the customer approaches you with a problem before solving it, because that means you’ve already failed when it comes to the customer experience,” says Vedran Rezar, CEO, Bulb Technologies.

Always-on customer experience guardian

Service interruptions, quality drops and excessive interactions with customer care representatives all have an adverse effect on the customer experience and so need to be addressed proactively. CEMPRESSO Active Care enables CSPs to control, monitor and measure the customer experience level based on insights from all infrastructure elements that contribute to the customer journey, including any disconnected legacy data silos, irrespective of their access network — fixed, cable or mobile. Combined with usage data and information from customer interaction records, this enables always-on automated background investigation and root cause analysis so that all and any of the myriad signals that indicate when a customer has a problem are proactively detected and an actionable insight generated, enabling 360 visibility about any specific customer.

When a number becomes a customer

As a proactive process-automation platform, CEMPRESSO Active Care facilitates the treating of customers as individuals, not as anonymous numbers. This enables the delivery of a personalized customer care experience where any problems are identified and resolved before their impact becomes too big. Customer care teams can be notified to contact a customer before they have even noticed an issue and tailored, contextual upsell campaigns and promotions can be developed for automated delivery through any channel.

“To retain customers, CSPs must see them for what they are — unique and important individuals with specific needs, problems and preferences. Long-term value from personalised service builds lasting relationships, out of which new revenue can be generated,” says Vedran Rezar.

Built-in efficiency for customer-care teams

Customer care agents, technical expert teams, field teams, salespeople and marketers use multiple uncoordinated legacy tools that produce inefficient and inconsistent communication with customers. CEMPRESSO Active Care improves productivity by providing a single platform for all employees with simple step-by-step guidance over multiple channels. Everything that can be automated is automated and, where a task is too unpredictable and good old fashioned human judgement is required, it provides guided flows and trackable activity. Thanks to its ability to automate proactive care and to boost employee efficiency, CEMPRESSO Active Care reduces overall operational expenses for service providers.

CEMPRESSO Active Care adds to Bulb’s growing suite of telecommunication services management solutions, which automate complex processes to enable CSPs deliver a premium customer service experience and significantly reduce churn.

Find out more about CEMPRESSO Active Care here.

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