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Perfect tool designed to set the bar high. Make other companies follow your lead

The best way to impress a customer is to make sure they never have to call you to complain.

Cempresso Active Care can make this happen.
With connections to all network elements, CPE and various legacy systems, Cempresso enables streamlining of complex and long-running processes by BPM workflow.

Together with identifying issues, AC guides the end-to-end process by providing a remedy in each step and verifies success rate of every action which was completed.

Why Cempresso Active Care?


  • The digital revolution has brought customers the convenience of 24/7 reliable service and premium customer experience
  • Service interruptions, quality drops, excessive interactions with customer care representatives have adverse effect on customer experience and should be addressed proactively
  • A good customer experience comes when customers are well-treated and their problems are resolved proactively, quickly and completely
  • Long-term value and new revenues come from experiences being contextual, relevant and timely

Use cases for Cempresso Active Care


  • Proactive remedy and fixes of issues that affect customers
  • Reactively navigate customer issues that require long running processes to be tackled
  • Fulfillment of complex service requests (service provisioning, etc.)
  • Contextual and tailored upsell campaigns, promotions, offers and messages through any channel
  • Engage and orchestrate field teams
  • Automate processes triggered by Internet of Things (IoT) notifications and insights

Omni Channel Interfaces


  • Comprehensive, consistent and intuitive UI across multiple channels: web, mobile apps, SMS, social networks messengers, etc.
  • Design process flow once and deploy it everywhere, so interface for human interactions automatically adapt to the channel type and screen size
  • Exposes comprehensive information, screens and tools relevant for each particular task as a part of specific business process