Cempresso Analytics & Intelligence



Do more with data than just look at it.
Improve business based on big data analysis.





Make the value of data and advance into proactive world


Cempresso AI was designed to collect, process and analyse relevant data to generate actionable insights and trigger proactive actions to enhance overall customer experience level.

One of our main use cases with Cempresso AI is in telecommunication: Cempresso AI processes data from customer devices, network elements, service delivery platforms and OSS/BSS systems to generate insights for managing technical operations, customer care and marketing actions.

Effect: a positive impact on different business KPIs (decrease of unjustified tickets to 2nd and 3rd level, increase of first call resolution, performance boost on technical teams – group ticketing rather than individual, etc.)

Service Quality and Network Infrastructure Analytics

Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence goes beyond other CEM analytics products on the market, since it provides real 360 visibility and valuable insights form all telco infrastructure elements that have impact on customer experience journey.

Functionalities and capabilities:

  • Massive volume data collection from entire network, processing, enrichment and storage
  • Scalable for deployment on biggest networks
  • KPI/KQI calculation with flexible reporting and visualization engine
  • Proactive alarms and automated actions based on generated insights
  • Acceleration of root cause analysis, recommendations and insights for customer care

Addresses multiple challenges at the various levels:


  • Network level – analytics of multiple transport and access technologies (fixed and mobile)
  • Service level – analytics of multiple service delivery platforms (Internet, Voice, IPTV)
  • OSS/Process level – analytics of service provisioning processes
  • BSS/Business level – analytics of end subscriber interactions and usage patterns

Comprehensive and powerful data collection engine:


  • Vendor agnostic TR-069 proxy for CPE data collection
  • Vendor agnostic IPDR collector for streaming of data form CMTS nodes
  • Multiple data collection protocols: SNMP, CLI, etc.
  • Scalable for multi million nodes networks
  • Pre-integrated with numerous DSLAM/MSAN, CMTS, CM, CPE models form various vendors

Pre-defined analytics libraries:


  • CPE/Home Analytics (LAN, WiFi, NAT, System, etc.)
  • DSLAM Line Analytics (line status, performance, utilization, errors, configuration, etc.)
  • DOCSIS Network Analytics (line status, performance, utilization, errors, registrations, etc.)
  • IPTV/OTT Service Analytics