Solution – Agent Dashboard

Impress customers by providing agents with a correct resolution each time and empowering them to solve issues faster.

Lead call centre performance with a comprehensive tool

Empower agents with automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility, as well as a unique automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channel interfaces, to increase customer satisfaction.

Rather than drowning agents in multiple applications needed to complete a single call, choose a robust tool including all relevant data and AI-assisted recommendations to resolve issues fast.

Shorten agent onboarding and confusing know-how by enabling a step-by-step workflow engine for agents

Enterprises require agents to start working with a maximum performance from day one, which is extremely hard to achieve.

Consolidated Dashboard enables businesses to fast onboard agents and encounter excellent performance due to step-by-step guided workflows designed to present accurate information and root cause as well as an ideal resolution in each call.

Which benefits will it bring?

Reduce agent onboarding

Instead of learning multiple applications and complex know-how procedures, with unified Agent Dashboard agents can focus using only a single tool with guided workflow and transparent visualization designed for easy usage.

Improve agent efficiency

Work on multiple issues with an optimized, intuitive layout without losing time on issue detection, analysis and remedy action suggestion. The tool will perform all the needed steps and deliver the correct information to an agent.

Speed resolution

Resolve issues faster with automated suggestions based on machine learning.

Increase of first call resolution

With automated suggestions, based on machine learning, minimize 2nd level dispatch and improve agent efficiency in the first call.